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Mixing Up the Cultures | Wedding Planning Q & A Session

Episode Summary

In this episode Jamie talks with engaged couples who are on their planning journey. Her friend Kara is also on the call to help answer questions about all the emotions and drama that comes up when wedding planning. How can we split up a ceremony so that two people can officiate our wedding and still have a smooth feeling ceremony? My family is very large and my Mom is assuming everyone she wants to be there will be invited, but our space does not hold as many as she'd like to invite. How can I explain this to her without upsetting her? My family is not being supportive of my upcoming wedding, which is my second marriage. How can I get them see how great this is for me and our family and get them excited? If I was in someone's wedding several years ago and we are no longer close, do I need to ask her to be in my wedding? Our multi-cultural wedding will make an open dance floor awkward for one side of the family who does not have that in their culture. How do I navigate this so that both families can feel comfortable and have fun?

Episode Notes

Find out more about Jamie's friend Kara who coaches brides and engaged couples through the emotions and drama of planning a wedding HERE.

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